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The benefits they are seeing when using this water-soluble CBD supplement include Pain Relief, Seizure Control, Migraine Relief and Colon Cancer Response.


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image of seizure sufferer, Keeli, in her cheerleader uniform

Seizures stopped with NuOxy Complex Added to the Treatment

My name is Kristi Jackson. I am the mother of a beautiful 14 year old girl, Keeli Jackson. An All-Star in volleyball, basketball, and track. But most importantly she’s a Varsity Cheerleader as a freshman! That is her biggest accomplishment as far as she is concerned! A few months back, she was voted “MOST BEAUTIFUL” out of the entire JR. High!

About time she was voted Most Beautiful, she was at playing point guard at a basketball game and fell into her first ever seizure. This was the scariest event I have ever witnessed. She was taken by ambulance to the E.R., and they medicated her and sent home. Keeli had 4 more seizures the next month.

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image representing pain before NuOxy Complex

Hip and Back Pain Relief With NuOxy Complex

I am a 70 year old woman that is very active except on days that my hip gives me problems. I guess I do something that aggravates the tissues. I took the normal pain pills but was worried about the side effects. At my age meds work differently than when I was younger. The doctor told me the only way out of pain is hip surgery.


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image of Bob Hughes playing golf

Play Pain Free Golf Without Drugs: Quit the Pain Pill Treadmill

Dear NuOxy Complex,

I am an avid amateur golfer who has been playing for over 60 years.  I am now 79 years old and play three times a week.


I have, for the last 20 years, been fighting a problem with pulled muscles and spasms in my neck, shoulders, and back.  In order to play golf, I was using the maximum amount of assorted prescribed pain pills, muscle relaxants, and ibuprophens.  These drugs did very little to relieve my pain, and when they did, I could hardly function.

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image representing pain before NuOxy Complex

What should have been a simple dental extraction and crown removal and prep turned into a 4 hour ordeal. My mouth would not stay numb, so my dentist had to keep giving me additional numbing meds. He said he used 4 times what he would normally use for this type of procedure. One tooth, the extraction, was infected and had been hurting for a few weeks, so I had been on an antibiotic prior to this. I thought removing it would be sweet relief!!! Not exactly….

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image of brain waves during a seizure pain before using NuOxy Complex

Five and a half years ago my husband, Keith, had a traumatic brain injury caused by viral encephalitis.

After months of recovery, he was still suffering from seizures and severe short-term memory impairment. Over the last five years we have tried multiple epileptic drugs, several at one time. Even the strongest medications haven’t stopped his seizures and they have caused some severe side effects. He tried Neurofeedback therapy for a year and he had a VNS implanted in the hope of controlling his seizures. None of these attempts have been successful.

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image of Big C on red background to represent cancer

Colon Cancer and NuOxy Complex

On April 24 of this year, my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer that had metastasized mainly in his liver…

I truly believe NuOxy Complex is eliminating chemo side effects and killing cancer cells.  I have recommended it to a number of cancer patients.

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image of woman curled up in bed in pain before using NuOxy Complex

I was very pleased to have found an effective way to deal with my cramps that left me still able to function normally, but I was THRILLED at an unexpected side effect that I experienced after using the product on a limited basis for two months.

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image of US Flag to represent a veteran

My name is Kenneth R Deemer. I am 70 years old, a 1969-70 Vietnam combat Veteran!!

I have been suffering from pain and swelling with both of my knees, because there isn’t any cartilage left in either knee. I also need both of my shoulders replaced.

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image of man with severe back pain before using NuOxy Complex

One of our mutual friends took Joe some NuOxy Complex. It is a water-soluble CBD supplement. Our mutual friend suggested Joe take the product as he was out of pain meds. Joe takes 180 prescribed 10mg. hydrocodone pills per month and never makes it to the end of the month.

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image representing pain before NuOxy Complex

Herniated Discs and a 3rd Degree Separation in Shoulder

I am a 63-year-old male with herniated discs in my neck and a third-degree separation in my left shoulder causing debilitating pain that renders me virtually useless.

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image of woman with knee pain before using NuOxy Complex

Dear NuOxy,


Just wanted to thank you for the NuOxy Complex we received and give you a short testimony about my wife’s success with it.

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Image of the horse, Tbone, that almost stepped on Debbie when she fell

On July 7, 2017 I had a horse related fall. Basically, I belly flopped into the stall as the horse panicked, exiting the stall to avoid me. Wearing flip flops around horses is a big no no but I was in a hurry as I had out of town guests in for dinner. Upon reflecting on the situation, it is amazing I was not stepped on.

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