Water-Soluble CBD Vs. CBD Oil: Increased Bioavailability

image of oil suspended in water

Water-Soluble CBD, CBD bound to starches, provides increased bioavailability and is easily absorbed in the watery environment of the digestive tract. Starch digestion begins with saliva and continues to the small intestines where 95% of digestion occurs within an hour.

CBD Oil, CBD mixed in various oils, is not absorbed in the watery environment of the digestive tract and digested in a completely different way.

Digestion of CBD Oils

Oil digestion first begins in the stomach, continues to the small intestines where gallbladder bile converts the oils to fatty acids, then the fatty acids are converted to carrier proteins where they’re released into the lymphatic system, then the carrier proteins move through the lymphatic system where they eventually dump into the blood system where they’re distributed throughout the body.

The entire process of oil digestion and absorption takes hours in a healthy person. Most estimates are as much as 94 percent of CBD oil consumed is lost in the digestive process or simply passes through the digestive track unused in the stool.

Water Soluble Vs. Oil

The scientific literature varies however it is generally accepted that oils are poorly absorbed and anecdotal evidence also proves this point. Only 6% to 10% of CBD mixed in oils is absorbed depending upon the carrier oil and the person consuming. 90% to 94% of CBD mixed in oils is lost in digestion.

To achieve a specific number of milligrams of CBD, a person must take 10 to 15 times the amount of CBD oil to absorb the desired amount. Persons seeking 10 mg of CBD must take between 100-150 mg to achieve the desired dose.


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